Momentum gets a new visual identity

From being a small administrator of wind turbines, Momentum has over the years developed into an international Asset Manager, Developer and Investor within green energy. Today, we are among the leading companies in Denmark within solar and wind energy, and we are among the country’s largest owners of onshore wind turbines, with a development pipeline that has passed several GW.

We believe that the key to accelerating the green transition lies in the interaction between people, society and nature. And we can see that it is our particular understanding of this balance that is our contribution and justification. With our many disciplines, high degree of specialization, experience and insight, we are a human face of the green transition – and our visual style and purpose should reflect that.

Our company purpose is to reduce global CO2 emissions by producing green energy in the most sustainable way, creating value for people, society and nature.

We have therefore developed a new graphic identity and tonality that emphasizes our responsibility and desire to actively participate in the green transition. Our new logo and image universe should invite dialog and collaboration, and it should show the outside world and ourselves how ambitious we are about our business and where we have set the bar.

Let’s Fix the future.