Who are we?

Facts and figures

Momentum Energy Group A/S is an international asset manager, developer and investor in wind and solar energy. Based in Denmark, we help Danish and international investors in all key markets in Europe.

Founded in 2005

by CEO Kim Madsen.

20+ years of experience

in renewable energy

+150 employees


in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK, Italy and France

Local offices

in Denmark and Germany

+8 billion. DKK

– assets under management

We are driven by curiosity and passion for green investments

The idea of turning the earth’s natural resources like wind into energy has always been fascinating. And for Momentum founder Kim Madsen, the opportunity to invest in green energy was exciting in the early 2000s, when most people were investing in real estate, stocks and bonds. Curiosity and interest in green energy spurred Kim to invest in his first wind turbine in 2000, and with a background as an accountant with more than 20 years of solid legal experience, he founded Momentum Energy in 2005.

Wind turbines are not just for idealists and hippies

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, investing in wind turbines was reserved for farmers and environmental idealists. It was not considered a serious form of investment, even though the Tvind windmill became “world famous” in Denmark from the mid-70s. However, the need for wind turbines grew rapidly throughout the 90s and 00s, and initially Momentum was to help customers invest in wind turbines and manage the administration of these.

A milestone and world sensation

In the period 2015-2020, Momentum began investing in existing wind turbines, managing solar plants and slowly starting to develop its own projects. In 2018, Momentum was the first in the world to successfully complete a technical lifetime extension of an offshore wind farm on Gotland in Sweden (Link to Wind farm Bockstigen case), an achievement that resonated with the industry and proved to be a game-changer for Momentum.

Our business model is constantly evolving

Making investment in green energy an attractive business investment, and not just a taxable investment, was and is the driving force and business foundation for Momentum. And as the market matured and met increasing interest from institutional investors, the demands on the management and the need for more competencies in Momentum increased. From being a management-oriented company, the company also began to take on complex technical tasks such as analyzing and optimizing mill production, repowering studies and asset life extension.

Strategy shift, scaling and growth

In 2020, more turbines were purchased and the transfer of AP Pension and PBU’s portfolio of 88 Danish turbines marked not only the largest investment to date, but also an expansion and adaptation of the strategy. In 2020, the company’s strategy was formulated to focus on investing in, developing and managing solar and wind projects primarily in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Recognizing that meeting the company’s new strategic objectives required additional capital, London-based investor and asset manager Arcus Infrastructure Partners LLP became a co-owner in December 2021.

The new co-owner would not only strengthen Momentum’s capital preparedness and initiate a generational change, but also bring new management skills from an international and institutionally minded co-owner with a focus on scaling and growth.

Let’s fix
the future