Interested in investing in a greener future while getting a reasonable return on your investment?

As of 1/1 2024, 4,556 shares in Denmark’s most well-located wind turbine in Hanstholm Harbor are sold.

The mill’s annual production



Estimated annual return



Price per share



Hanstholm Havn Vindkraft I/S owns an almost newly built Vestas V126 3.6 MW wind turbine. The turbine was connected in January 2018 and produces an average of approximately 17 million kWh/year, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 10,625 Danes.

A total of 4,556 shares of DKK 4,800 per share in Hanstholm Havn Vindkraft I/S are offered in cash. This corresponds to 29% of a total of 15,726 shares. A minimum purchase of shares in the above company is set at 3 shares.

If you wish to acquire all shares, please contact Momentum directly.

What do you get for your money?

  • Stable earnings “whichever way the wind blows” almost independent of financial market developments
  • An annual return of 6-8% is estimated
  • Investing with the local community in a meaningful investment that benefits the environment

The seller wishes to sell all 4,556 units and reserves the right to choose freely between the bids received or to refrain from selling completely.

Dividends relating to earnings before 1/1 2024 accrue to the seller and future dividends relating to earnings from 1/1 2024 accrue to the buyer.

When you invest in a wind turbine, you invest in the environment and a greener future. The financial return depends on many factors including, of course, wind and the future price of electricity, which we can only predict. But also factors such as interest rates, supply/demand for wind turbines, optimization of turbine operation, technical lifetime of the turbine, possibilities for lease extensions, etc. We can only predict – not advise. You should therefore seek advice from your own advisors.

The shares are freely tradable but are not listed on the stock exchange. This means that if you want to sell the shares again one day, you can resell them, but you’ll need to find a buyer and do the legal work yourself. The articles of association stipulate that in case of sale, the existing owners must be offered the shares first.

Practical information


ModelVestas V126-3.45
Production3,600 kW
Rotor diameter126 m
Hub height87 M
CommissionedJanuary 16, 2018
Full load timerRemainder 31/12 2023: 5,773,145 kWh
Shares15,726 units in total, of which 4,556 units for sale

Production, incl. regulating power

202316,413,975 kWh
202216,642,281 kWh
202116,448,000 kWh
202017,397,913 kWh
201917,437,174 kWh


Land rent 5% of production excluding certificates and regulating power
Land lease agreement for 30 years from signature (expires 2048)
Weekly return of 6 – 8% at a price of 4,800 DKK/share.
The shares can be freely sold afterwards
Minimal risk as the company cannot or may not take on bank debt – the company is debt-free

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The budget is indicative only and without responsibility for the seller

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