We take responsibility

We will find solutions to the energy problems of the future

We want to be a role model that helps accelerate the green transition. We will inspire others to actively participate in the development of more renewable energy and we will demonstrate the value of further optimizing green production now and in the future.

Our goal is to reduce global CO2 emissions in the most sustainable way. We develop and work with care and respect for society, people and nature. When we design and develop new green facilities, we use the latest technology on the market to create more value for society and the environment. And when we monitor and maintain both new and older systems around the clock, it’s to optimize and extend the life of the technology we already have.

The catalyst for everything we do is our curiosity. It’s what drives economic performance and change for people and nature. It’s curiosity that makes us never tire of exploring how we can optimize resources for the benefit of all. And it’s curiosity that keeps us moving forward together and finding solutions to tomorrow’s energy problems today.

Let’s fix the future.

Responsible transition to a fossil-free future

Climate change is one of the biggest societal challenges we face today. The transition to green energy forms such as solar or wind energy is a key part of the solution. At Momentum, we want to actively contribute to the acceleration of the green transition. Our goal is therefore to reduce global CO2 emissions by producing green energy in the most sustainable way, creating value for people, society and nature.

Louise Løkke Klintholm,
ESG Manager

The world needs more green energy

We are dedicated to optimizing and extending the lifespan of existing plants while developing new ones to increase the production and availability of green power. Because the world needs more renewable energy. But not at the expense of the environment or people. Therefore, we strive to minimize, and where possible, completely avoid negative impacts on the environment and people from our business and activities.

In our sustainability work, we focus particularly on reducing our carbon footprint, protecting biodiversity, minimizing waste, working with local communities, improving employee conditions and responsible sourcing practices.

We have a great responsibility for the environment and people

As a developer, operator and owner of solar and wind projects, we have a special obligation to conduct our business and activities in a responsible manner. Sustainability and ESG as a discipline is constantly evolving – also in Momentum. That’s why we are continuously sharpening our approach to sustainability and strengthening the foundation of our sustainability efforts.

The goal is to increase our positive contribution to society and minimize our negative impact on the environment and people.

Danish company – but with global goals

Our approach to sustainability is based on international agreements, conventions and guidelines, such as the Paris Agreement, the ILO core conventions on labor rights, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

We’ve set the bar high for the environment

We comply with all applicable legal requirements, but we don’t just want to meet minimum standards. We will be proactive in our efforts to run a responsible and sustainable business that creates value for people, society and nature. In our ESG policy, we have therefore defined basic principles for how we operate and develop our business in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our guiding principles

1. Reduce our own CO2 emissions
2. Protect and enhance biodiversity at our sites
3. Maximize recycling and minimize waste during maintenance and dismantling of wind turbines
4. involve neighbors, local authorities and other relevant community stakeholders
5. Strengthen our commitment to the health, safety and well-being of our employees
6. Improve our procurement processes when purchasing solar panels and other components

Reduction of own CO2 emissions

Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality for our own energy consumption by the end of 2025. Our plan will not only cover our own direct emissions, but also include targets and initiatives for the CO2 emissions that originate from our suppliers, partners and other actors in our value chain.

By taking a holistic approach, we strive to reduce our overall carbon footprint and promote more sustainable and responsible practices within our industry.

Protecting biodiversity

The development of solar parks and other renewable energy installations must go hand in hand with the protection and improvement of biodiversity. Therefore, it is crucial that we carefully plan and implement nature-enhancing measures in our project development that contribute to restoring and preserving nature, increasing biodiversity and supporting healthy ecosystems.

Solar PV systems create optimal conditions for flora and fauna, as the soil is primarily left undisturbed, unlike heavily cultivated agricultural areas. By establishing measures such as insect hotels, rock piles and fauna passages in and around the solar cell area, we strengthen biodiversity. At the same time, groundwater resources are protected when the soil is not fertilized or sprayed with insecticides. Other potential initiatives include wetland restoration, sheep grazing and planting silver grass under the solar panels.

Maximize recycling and minimize waste

In Denmark, we have Europe’s highest concentration of wind turbines that are 20 years old or older. Therefore, our strategy is to operate our turbines in a resource-efficient way, as long as it is economically and environmentally responsible. When they do need to be dismantled, our goal is to minimize waste and maximize the reuse of parts and components.

Momentum has a significant share of older wind turbines in Denmark and Germany, and it is therefore natural for us to work on how we can phase them out in the most sustainable way. When we dismantle older wind turbines, we only scrap what cannot be saved. Usable spare parts and materials will be reused at other mills or passed on to other companies that can benefit from them.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that no resources are wasted, and we are committed to never leaving decommissioned wind turbines in landfills or other places that could harm the environment. We see great potential in this circular approach and are continuously exploring relevant waste models and potential partners.

More dialog
and collaboration

“We have a significant responsibility to the local communities where we plan solar plants and wind turbines”.

Signe Skjold Holm,
Local Community Manager

It’s important that neighbors are informed and consulted at the earliest planning stages, which is why we involve local stakeholders at different levels in all our projects.

We make direct contact with individuals and organize coffee mornings and town hall meetings where everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute. In addition, we create project-specific websites that present and feature the technical aspects, environmental impacts, visualizations and initiatives, and show where project revenues benefit local stakeholders.

Improving employee health, safety and well-being

At Momentum, we are passionate and curious people. Our dedicated colleagues are the driving force behind our financial performance and innovative initiatives that create change for both people and nature. They are the core of our business and the foundation of our success.

Employee safety is always a top priority. Through health & safety measures and training, especially for employees working in wind turbines and solar plants, we have a strong focus on ensuring the best working conditions and creating a safe environment for both employees and business partners.

We value and support diversity, inclusion and equality in our workplace. And we strive to create an environment where everyone, regardless of background or identity, feels valued and thrives. We prioritize our employees’ well-being and mental health, which is why we have implemented a stress policy to promote a good working life and open up a healthy dialogue about what stress is and how we prevent and manage it. In addition, we prioritize a strong sense of unity and community, and organize social events to strengthen collaboration and cultivate a sense of belonging within the company.

Improving responsible sourcing of solar panels

The green transition must be a just transition, and we have a special responsibility to ensure that our activities do not contribute to human and labor rights violations in the value chain and pollution in the local communities where production takes place. In solar energy, there is a particular risk of criticality in the production of solar panels, and it’s a complex but crucial issue.

“We want to be a role model that contributes to
accelerate the green transition”.

Louise Løkke Klintholm
ESG Manager

At Momentum, we are inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The 17 goals are a global call to action for countries, businesses, private actors, civil society organizations and others to work together to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges and create a more sustainable future. On this page, we present the specific SDGs where we believe we have the opportunity to make a positive difference. Some of the contributions are directly related to our core business of developing, operating and owning solar and wind projects, while others stem from our fundamental focus on environmental and social responsibility and our desire to be a role model that helps accelerate the green transition.

Goal #7
Sustainable energy

We strive to increase the availability of cheap, stable and modern clean electricity in society through our core activities, which include the development, operation and maintenance of renewable energy projects.

We optimize the operation of our own and our customers’ plants and extend the lifetime of the plants beyond their original technical lifetime with the help of our specialized expertise and experienced engineering teams. At the same time, we invest in various renewable energy projects to increase the share of renewable energy and contribute to the goal of ensuring sustainable energy for all.

Goal #8
Decent jobs and economic growth

At Momentum, we prioritize the health and safety of our employees above all else and are committed to ensuring good working conditions for all employees, regardless of job type, location and daily tasks. We strive to create a diverse workplace with equal conditions and space for everyone regardless of gender, age, culture, ethnicity, etc. because we believe that our differences strengthen our organization. We do not tolerate child or forced labor in any way, either in our own operations or those of our suppliers. We also see it as an important part of our community engagement to give students and graduates the opportunity to gain practical experience with us to contribute to the development of the society of the future.

Goal #9
Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We want to be a role model that helps accelerate the green transition by supporting the building of more efficient, resilient and innovative energy systems. We integrate the market’s latest technologies into the design and development of new systems, and we monitor and maintain both new and older systems around the clock to optimize and extend the life of the technology we already have. We continuously explore how we can optimize the use of resources and proactively seek solutions to the energy challenges of the future.

Goal #12
Responsible consumption and production

Momentum actively contributes to more responsible and sustainable production and consumption. As an integral part of our spare parts strategy, we recycle used turbines and refurbish worn parts instead of discarding them as waste. It gives materials and components a second life by ensuring they are recycled and used across our projects, helping to reduce waste levels and promote more circular processes in our industry.

Goal #13
Climate action

We engage in climate action by investing in and developing renewable energy projects to increase the share of clean energy in society. At the same time, we implement energy efficiency measures in our operations and production by switching to renewable energy sources, optimizing energy efficiency and minimizing the environmental impact of our projects.

Our goal is not only to reduce our own climate impact, but also to actively contribute to the fight against climate change and inspire a more sustainable future.

Sustainability Report