What do we do?

We specialize in managing, developing and investing in the renewable energy sources of the future


We manage solar and wind projects in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and France. As the administrator, we take care of all the practicalities of running the wind turbines and solar systems. Our independent service company services wind turbines and solar installations across the country, making us one of the largest service providers in Denmark.


We develop wind and solar projects from the initial idea to construction and commissioning of the plants. In close collaboration with municipalities, landowners and local citizens, we build small and very large facilities with maximum consideration for citizens, the environment and biodiversity in the area. Our pipeline of upcoming solar and wind farms is several GW, making us one of the largest and most visible developers in Denmark.


We invest in wind turbines and solar plants in Denmark, Germany and Sweden – primarily slightly older wind turbines. We do this so that we can subsequently utilize our expertise in optimization, lifetime extension or dismantling for the installation of newer and more modern turbines (repowering). We continuously invest in more wind turbines, primarily in Denmark, making us one of the largest owners of onshore wind turbines in the country.

Frederik Linde
Investment Analyst

Investing in wind turbines

Momentum is an active purchaser of older wind turbines and is today one of Denmark’s largest owners of onshore wind turbines. With almost 340 turbines, 283 in Denmark, 51 in Germany and 6 in Sweden, Momentum has over the years built up a large portfolio of wind turbines that are efficiently operated by our own administration and service department.

We produce over 450 GWt per year, which corresponds to the average annual electricity consumption of around 250,000 Danes, and save society over 45,000 tons. CO2*.
*Emission factor based on data from Energinet’s environmental report 2022.

Risk management and power sales

At Momentum, we have established an efficient department for monitoring the electricity market and handling the sale of the electricity produced. In volatile times like these, when electricity prices can vary wildly from day to day and hour to hour, our insight and monitoring of the energy market is everything. This enables us to manage risk and optimize the selling price of the electricity produced and thus the return on investment.

The often numerous and unpredictable events are handled daily by our Risk Management team, which has generated significant excess returns and navigated our customers and ourselves safely through troubled times.

Dismantling and recycling/Endof technical Lifetime

Momentum specializes in keeping wind turbines technically alive for as long as possible. Our thorough monitoring and maintenance enables us to keep wind turbines in operation for 40-50 years. This is much longer than originally anticipated. But there comes a day when it’s over and it’s not economically viable to repair the mill.

For this, we have developed our own concept for turbine dismantling, where all parts are recycled or disposed of safely. This is how we ensure the recycling of components such as concrete, iron, copper, plastic, fiberglass from the blades and nacelle, so that they are reused in other contexts and do not end up in nature as pollution, but are instead reused in other turbines. This is how we save even more CO2 emissions.

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Monitoring of
24/7/365 facilities

Momentum monitors our turbines and solar plants under management around the clock. Constant monitoring and skilled management of any downtime is essential for the optimal operation of your assets. This results in higher production and higher returns for owners – especially when electricity prices are high.

We work with a highly efficient dialog between the experienced staff in the monitoring center and our service teams. We are quickly on site to repair any damage or inspect downtime and ultimately deliver best-in-class service for the benefit of our customers and ourselves.

We manage wind turbines and solar plants across Denmark and Europe

For almost 20 years, Momentum has handled the financial and operational management of wind turbines and solar plants for small, medium and very large institutional Danish and international investors. With strong teams within law, finance, economics, accounting, technology and analysis, we have the necessary competencies to handle all relevant tasks in connection with the operation of wind turbines and solar plants in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, France, England and Italy.

In Germany, over 300 wind turbines and 50 solar plants are managed

Momentum has had a strong presence in Germany since its establishment in 2005. Here, our subsidiary Momentum Energy Deutschland is responsible for the technical and financial monitoring and management of over 300 wind turbines and 50 solar plants.

Our in-depth knowledge of the German language, legislation and culture is crucial for the efficient operation of wind turbines and solar plants in Germany. This ensures that we can represent our own and our customers’ interests efficiently and competitively without misunderstandings.

Servicing more than 550 turbines in Denmark

Momentum has established its own service company that handles servicing of wind turbines and solar systems. With more than 50 employees and 17 service vehicles, we cover almost every corner of Denmark. The experienced technicians take care of everything from ongoing service and inspection of wind turbines and solar systems, to replacement of major parts such as gearboxes, generators, solar panels, inverters, etc. We have access to spare parts sourced from anywhere in the country and abroad, and with over 550 turbines under service, more than 14% of all turbines in Denmark are serviced by Momentum.

Sarge Kata
Project Planner

Solar and wind project development

Momentum has its own development department that develops solar and wind turbine projects in Denmark, Germany and Sweden. We have built a strong pipeline of projects that will be realized in the coming years in all 3 countries, and we have already successfully built our first own solar plant and wind farm in Denmark in 2023.

We expect the first Swedish solar project to be launched in late summer 2024 and in the fall of 2024, 2 large Enercon wind turbines will be installed in Germany.

In Denmark, several major municipally approved solar and wind projects are underway and are expected to be established in 2025 and 2026. The expectation is that Momentum will be among the most significant developers of solar and wind turbine projects in Denmark within a few years.

We extend the lifespan of wind turbines by up to 50 years

Momentum is one of the country’s leaders when it comes to extending the lifespan of wind turbines. As the first in the world, we have replaced vital parts on 5, more than 20 years old, offshore wind turbines in the sea off Gotland, Sweden. With 5 larger, fully refurbished and equally old parts, we have calculated that we have been able to extend their lifespan by another 20 years. The lifetime extension and optimization has also doubled production.

Most recently, we have begun planning the installation of 17 refurbished older Vestas V80 2 MW wind turbines, which will be repatriated from abroad, refurbished and installed at a new site in Jutland, the first of its kind in Denmark. It’s groundbreaking innovation for our industry and sector, and it enables many more projects of its kind – and the development of areas that benefit people, society and nature.