Installation of 2 Enercon E-138, 3.5 MW wind turbines in Germany

We started building Windpark Roth in Germany

After almost 7 years of preparation, Momentum has finally started installing 2 Enercon E-138, 3.5 MW wind turbines in Germany.

The turbines have a rotor diameter of 138 m, which means that each blade is almost 68 meters long and covers 14,900 m2, equivalent to 20 standard single-family house plots.

Each turbine weighs 337 tons without foundation, so it’s a big job we’ve taken on.

The roadwork has just started, and even though the wet winter weather has been a nuisance, we have started according to plan.

Initially, the entire area must be prepared for access by heavy trucks and cranes so that the larger parts of the wind turbines, such as blades, towers, generators, etc. can be placed and handled close to where they will be erected.

Next, the huge hole for the gigantic foundation needs to be dug out and then it needs to be cast.

The plan is for the turbines to be ready to connect to the grid and produce their first kilowatt hours in September 2024.

When both turbines are installed, they will produce approximately 18,750,000 kWh per year, enough to cover the annual electricity consumption of almost 12,000 adults, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of the entire population of Nakskov.

Momentum has handled all work related to the building application, including negotiations with authorities, landowners, Enercon, contractors, transformer suppliers, financing, etc. and our team in Hamburg will coordinate the entire construction process until the turbines are in satisfactory production.

After this, Momentum will be responsible for future monitoring and operations.