Local plan approved for 158 MWp solar plant in Odsherred

During the summer, an ambitious local plan was approved by a large majority in Odsherred Municipality’s city council.

The local plan paves the way for a large solar plant at Lammefjord, stretching on both sides of Route 21 and covering an area of approximately 130 hectares. The project will have an installed capacity of over 158 MWp and is expected to produce 175,000,000 kWh annually – enough to power almost 39,000 households. This is a major milestone for Momentum as it will be the first solar project of the size that we have developed from the very beginning.

The local plan is the result of a unique collaboration with Odsherred Municipality, COWI and landowner Christian Arnstedt. Our focus has always been on creating value in the local area and accommodating local requests such as distances to neighboring homes and the establishment of vegetation belts. We are therefore also very pleased that the local plan has been adopted without a single complaint during the appeal period.

We expect the solar park to be connected to the grid in early 2026, when the transmission grid is ready to receive the power. Planting of vegetation belts will begin shortly, taking advantage of the time between now and grid connection. Momentum will be responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the solar park and will own the plant together with Christian Arnstedt.