When the upgraded Sdr. Bork Vindpark was inaugurated on January 13th this year, celebrating the commissioning of 5 new Vestas V162-6.2 MW wind turbines.

The 5 new turbines replace 19 older wind turbines that have been generating power near Sdr. Bork for the past 25 years. The total capacity has gone from 11.4 MW to 31 MW and in an average wind year, electricity production is expected to increase from 22,000,000 kWh to 120,000,000 kWh.

Sdr. Since 2013, Bork Vind K/S has been working on upgrading the established wind turbines. In February 2022, the municipal council in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality adopted the final planning basis that enabled the realization of the project. The project has been carried out in collaboration between Ringkjøbing-Skjern Municipality, Vestas, Energrid, the local area and the landowners and turbine owners involved.

As project manager, Momentum has been responsible for the planning and execution of the project, and in collaboration with the board of Sdr. Bork Vind K/S managed the final design, planning and construction of the new wind farm. This work has included an EIA analysis, municipal applications and submission of consultation responses, as well as the preparation of the basis for the company’s capital raising and adaptation of the ownership model. In addition, Momentum has been responsible for the main construction contract that was signed with Vestas.

The turbine type used, Vestas V162-6.2 MW, is composed of well-known technology with easy access to spare parts. Each turbine is covered by a 25-year service agreement with Vestas and in relation to the analyzed wind conditions, efficient and stable operation is expected.

From the start of the project’s execution phase to the final commissioning of the turbines, less than a year has passed. The rapid execution of the project is a result of formidable collaboration between the project stakeholders as well as strong and professional project management from Momentum’s project development team, a committed board of directors and a risk-taking group of owners. We are incredibly proud of this and look forward to continuing the good work. Currently, Momentum’s Danish development department has a project-approved development pipeline of over 20 wind and solar projects in Denmark.